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Prototype debugging

Hetell PCB studio to provide you with quality products Debugging Services: We have successfully providing customers more and better debugging services covering areas: Computer Zhoubian: reader / adapter class / audio and video classes / mobile drive / CD / VCD / DVD / photo with head / HDD Enclosure / Network HDD / RAID […]

PCB Reverse Engineering

In the copy board industry, the Shenzhen Hetell Technology has over ten years of practical experience on the circuit board of electronic products industries have been cloned and the basic prototype production work for the copy board cycle control and difficult technology research, has a cost price absolute advantage. Shenzhen Hetell Technology continuous reform and […]

PCB Manufacture

We have a professional PCB processing, can provide you with professional PCB board size batch processing operations, and rapid PCB prototype proofing urgent, professional production of high-density, high-precision single-sided, double-sided and multilayer rigid PCB board and soft PCB board. Production levels up to 32 layers, the minimum line width from 3mil, the smallest laser aperture […]

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