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PCB Reverse Engineering

In the copy board industry, the Shenzhen Hetell Technology has over ten years of practical experience on the circuit board of electronic products industries have been cloned and the basic prototype production work for the copy board cycle control and difficult technology research, has a cost price absolute advantage.
Shenzhen Hetell Technology continuous reform and innovation, improve the mechanism, the introduction of new talent, the reverse has been the electronics technology research leader.
Replacement of today’s electronics products can be described as rapid, Shenzhen Hetell Technology copied in full control plate engineer structural model and the traditional circuit-board based on the basic circuit, it is constantly updated with the electronic products, to enhance self-development capacity; effort to ensure that the cloned products, and provide a model for 100% of the same; is to reduce the large variety of products Blind-via/Buried-via copy board cycle, saving customers time and reduce costs.
Shenzhen Hetell Technology copy board process, combined with cutting-edge design software and technology, you can create the perfect prototype; which can also be generated for you all kinds of software documentation formats, such as: PowerPCB, Protel99/Se, PAD2000, etc. You need to generate the cloned product schematics, BOM BOM, etc., as we can provide you full service.

If you want to clone the factory earlier time, components have been discontinued, please find Shenzhen Hetell Technology, our engineers and procurement engineers BOM for your problem-solving; If you want to clone the board than the front; circuit element complexity of the device, please find Shenzhen Hetell Technology, our engineers and PCB copy board design and debugging engineers will ensure that you make 100% accurate schematic and perfect prototype.

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