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Popular IC Model confirmation

?? Specializing in SCM ARM.MCU / CPLD / SPLD / PLD.SST ….. partial upset IC model identification techniques of the professional company, is currently the most professional characteristics of the microcontroller IC decryption technology services company; present, we mainly related to areas include: microcontroller (MCU) decryption, decryption private encryption IC, PLD decryption, CPLD decryption, microcontroller development services, identification chip model (only declassified legitimacy, the legal responsibility for all disputes by other commitments, the Company is not responsible.) Whether you are a software encryption (SCM, etc.) or hardware encryption, but also whether you are grinding or that has been unable to identify the IC model, we have accumulated hundreds of thousands have extensive experience in database code, as domestic and foreign electronics companies recover lost SCM SCM data model or study abroad, advanced design ideas enterprises provide strong technical support.

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